How accurate is the frequency-response of the iPhone 3G microphone?

edited December 1969 in SignalScope

I've just purchased SignalScope for the iPhone after accidentally running into Faber Acoustical's web site, a good fortuitous incident! Wow, now I don't have to use FuzzMeasure for a quick-and-dirty frequency response!

I have read the article regarding the iPhone audio hardware performance (,54.0.html), but was wondering how accurate the frequency response of its microphone was? Is it flat within its operating range, and what are its low- and high-frequency cutoffs?

I have made my own measurement microphones based on Panasonic WM-61A electret capsules ( and compared it against a calibrated Mitey Mike II, so I am aware that these types of devices, similar to what is used in mobile phones, are pretty accurate.

Thank you very much in advance.

P.S. What would be cool is if someone made an adaptor with a threaded mount for tripods, so that the iPhone could be attached like a real SPL meter...  :-)
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