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SignalScope Apps

Cross Platform Subscription
The Latest Tools and Features on Mac, iPhone, and iPad.
You can download SignalScope X from the App Store for free. Some functionality is free to use indefinitely. For access to more powerful tools and additional features, a subscription is required. You can try a subscription for free for up to 14 days.
Perpetual License for Mac Only
Licenses Available for Basic, Advanced, and Pro Tool Sets
You can download SignalScope XM for free. Some functionality is free to use indefinitely. For access to more powerful tools and additional features, activation with a valid license key is required. You can test the full Pro functionality for 14 days.
"This thing is awesome. Does exactly what I needed and then some. Well thought through design with a lot of nice touches."
-- Snowy Dreams
"one of my jobs is acoustics auditor … one of the things I have to check is to see whether sound level meters comply fully to the standards. … Your octaves and 1/3 octaves are more accurate than any other app I ever tested …"
-- Bas
"Great app, full of options, with a good support: i had an issue with my old ipad 4 not displaying the waveform, solved couple days after I pointed it out to the support team. Thanks Ben!"
-- Pje97200
"SPL calibration worked flawlessly. For live sound I love that I can simultaneously monitor RTA, spectroscope, dB at multiple weightings and sound exposure etc. I’ve also tuned with dual channel measurement and worked flawlessly … The fact that this works with single subscription on my phone, iPad and Mac really deals the deal for me."
— Jf4828
"SignalScope X audio analysis tools offer quite a lot of signal information in exchange for the monthly subscription rate. … The variety of subscription plans and rates provide pro audio analysis solutions that accommodate any budget."
-- Pepsy-PPC Productionz
"I admit I'm not an audiophile or work in a recording studio, however, I am an engineer. The SignalScope Basic performed as advertised. Well worth the $, IMO."
-- QwertyHsv
Cross-platform, Perpetual License: Pay Once, Use Indefinitely
The 2022 versions of SignalScope will receive upgrades consistent with the respective subscription levels in SignalScope X through 2023. After that, they will continue to receive maintenance updates through 2025 and will continue to work indefinitely on compatible versions of macOS, iPadOS, and iOS.

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