PA System tuning?

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:?I was wondering how to tune a PA ssystem using SignalScope, the Alesis ProTrack and my ipod touch.  I can get signals in via the pro track but cant get the pink noise signal out of the ipod in order to naalyze the signal.  What to do? :?


  • The Alesis ProTrack blocks the headphone output of the iPod touch. Also, it appears that the ProTrack is unable to function as both an input device and an output device at the same time, which means you can't use the ProTrack's headphone output while you are using its microphone.

    Unfortunately, that means you'll need to use another pink noise source.
  • Well can I use some other I/O device?  What is the easiest way to do this without lots of $$$?  Please Help?
  • It's tough with an iPod touch, because there aren't any dock connector devices currently available that support simultaneous audio input and output (if someone is aware of one, please let us know). The problem with the iPod touch is that the headphone jack is next to the dock connector, so most of the dock connector input accessories block the headphone jack.

    Your best bet might be to work with the Belkin Tunetalk and the SendStation dock extender, plus an output adapter cable with a right-angle stereo mini plug. That way you can connect a measurement microphone to the input of the Tunetalk and connect the headphone jack of your iPod to your test speaker at the same time.

    Also, I do not recommend using the ProTrack's or the Tunetalk's built-in microphones for acoustical measurements--they are not omnidirectional.
  • OK! Cool! Thanks for your help! I will try that!
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