SoundMeter crashing on calibration attempts

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Sound Meter seems great and I've used it already.  It holds steady 2-3dB down when put side by side with various other meters...

Initially I was able to access the calibration screen but now (nothing has changed on my iPhone), the app shuts down when I press "Proceed" in the calibration pop-up window.  The phone just returns to the main screen.  Ideas?  Happening to anyone else?

Thanks in advance for input on this one.



  • First, I would suggest rebooting your iPhone. If that doesn't work, I would suggest removing SoundMeter from your iPhone and then reinstalling it.
  • I have tried both methods you suggested, still crashed and or lets me calibrate randomly.
  • I manage to get into the calibration menu only if i touch the button as son as the app starts, but once im there if i try to calibrate it as soon as i try to change the db number (94) it freezes on me.
  • Panzo,

    Did you reboot your iPhone by holding down both the sleep and home buttons for 10 seconds?

    Also, when reinstalling SoundMeter, you may want to remove it from your iPhone and iTunes, then re-download it. As long as you use the same iTunes account with which you purchased SoundMeter, you won't be charged for it again.
  • i tried both no dice, it loaded the calibrating screen after i installed a fresh copy but i exxed out of it and now it wont load up the calibration window anymore. i tired rebooting the way u specified nothing
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