Data Recorder Options

Tool Options

  • Max File Length
    The Data Recorder streams data to audio files. A single audio file will be limited to the length specified, here, in hours, minutes, and seconds. Tap on the time to reveal a picker control with which the maximum duration may be specified, up to 2 hours, 59 minutes, and 59 seconds. Tap on the time again to hide the picker control.

File Options

  • Include Location
    When this option is enabled, the latitude, longitude, and altitude at the time of the measurement will be embedded within the audio file and included in optional info files (see below). Horizontal and vertical accuracy (in meters) will also be included.
  • Audio File Format
    Data can be saved in AIF, CAF, or WAV audio files.
  • Filename Suffix
    To make sense of multiple files written in a single recording session, each file can be assigned an auto-incremented numeric suffix (Counter) or a compact suffix indicating the date and time the file was saved. The suffix will be appended to the end of the filename as indicated in the Data Recorder's main display.
  • Save Info File
    The Data Recorder embeds metadata within the audio file (chunkID: 'FHdr') including date, time, location (if enabled), input channel details, and sensitivity calibration information. This metadata can also be optionally saved to a separate info file for easy retrieval. The info file will have the same name as the audio file.
  • Info File Format
    The info file can be saved in CSV, TXT (tab-delimited), or MAT-file format.
  • Keep Recording
    To allow the recording to continue after the maximum file length has been reached for the current recording session, switch this option on. When one file is finished, another will be recorded to, up to the File Limit described below. This option will only have an effect if the File Limit is greater than 1.
  • File Limit
    If the Keep Recording option is enabled and File Limit is greater than 1, the Data Recorder will stream to a new audio file each time the current max file length is reached, until the file limit is met. So, for example, if the maximum file length is 1 hour, Keep Recording is enabled, and File Limit is 8, the Data Recorder, if allowed to run long enough, will capture 8 hours of data which will be split into 8 audio files.