Max Levels Display Options

Display Options

  • Indicator Type
    The traffic light indicators have three different behavior types. The 'Max' type will color the entire 'light' that corresponds to the maximum level observed by the tool since the current measurement began. The 'Current' type will color the entire light that corresponds to the current sound level being measured by the tool. When 'Both' is selected, only the outer ring of the light will be colored to represent the max level. The center of the light will be colored according to the current level.
  • Aux Display Type
    When the iOS device is in landscape orientation (or when the width of the Max Tools display otherwise exceeds its height) an auxilliary display will be shown to the left of the traffic light indicators. This auxilliary display can either be an overall level display or a bar graph of current and maximum octave band levels.
  • Show Clipping Indicator
    Use this option to tell the Max Levels tool whether to indicate clipping on the input signal. Clipping occurs when the input signal exceeds the maximum value that can be represented digitally. The occurrence of clipping suggests that the measured sound level may be inaccurate.
  • Clear Indicators When Stopped
    Use this option to clear the traffic light displays when the tool stops running. This can make it easier to visually identify when a measurement is in progress. Note that no acquired data is lost when the traffic light displays are cleared in this case--it can still be seen in the meter or octave auxilliary display or exported to a data file.