Input Channel Options

This screen includes options that can be applied to the selected audio device's input channels.

Input Source

Some audio devices offer multiple input sources. This section will display the selected input source and, if the device has more than one, allow for the current input source to be changed.


  • Units
    Tap Units to select the desired units for the input channel.
  • Calibrate (...)
    Tap Calibrate to manually enter a sensitivity for the relevant input channel, or automatically calibrate its sensitivity based on a known input level.
    • The current input sensitivity will appear in parentheses after "Calibrate."
  • DC Correction
    SoundMeter offers a DC blocking filter which can be switched on or off for each input channel. The DC blocking filter will remove any DC offset with a first-order high-pass filter (cutoff < 0.5 Hz).
    • When the DC blocking filter is switched on, the name of this item will change to "DC Correction (Blocking Filter Active)."