Get a more detailed look at your signals with the Toolbox's remarkable Spectrogram. The Spectrogram plots the selected input signal's amplitude as a function of frequency and time in beautiful color. Captured spectrogram data can then be scrutinized with two independent cursors that make it easy to pinpoint signal amplitudes and determine their frequency and time dependence. One of the most exciting features of the Spectrogram tool is its ability to display captured data in 3D. Advanced display controls really allow you to get a better view of your spectral data. Seeing is believing! The Spectrogram supports a large number of FFT lengths, including lengths that result in integer frequency resolution for popular audio sample rates.

  • Hardware-accelerated graphics with OpenGL
  • 3D data visualization with colorful surface and mesh plots
  • Zoom and Pan controls for enhanced viewing of spectral data
  • Trackball-style rotation of the data in 3D display mode
  • Cursors for pinpointing spectral data as a function of time and frequency
  • Cursor lines follow the data surface in time and frequency in the 3D view
  • Multiple color schemes for visualizing the spectral data
  • Captures current spectrogram data for later review or export