Octave Band Analyzer

Need to see your signal's spectrum in true fractional octave bands? Electroacoustics Toolbox enables real-time CPB (constant percentage bandwidth) spectral analysis with its Octave Analyzer.

Select either whole octave or third octave spectral analysis, and Electroacoustics Toolbox computes the spectrum with digital Butterworth filters, as recommended by ANSI standards. The spectral values are determined using the standard time weightings employed by sound level meters, and you can even measure calibrated sound levels in octave or third octave bands.

Use the dual cursors to precisely measure time-weighted or equivalent signal levels (including current, peak, and max values) at any frequency, or measure the difference in signal levels between two frequencies.

  • Features whole and 1/3-octave real-time spectral analysis using Order 5 digital Butterworth bandpass filters, as recommended by ANSI Standards
  • Supports calibrated sound level measurements in whole and 1/3-octave bands, including Lp, Leq, and Lx (percentile-exceeded sound level)
  • Percentile: Integer values may be specified between 0 and 100
  • Frequency Weighting: Flat, A, and C
  • Time Weighting: Fast, Slow, and Impulse
  • Extended Low Frequencies: Supports 1/3-octave frequency bands down to 0.78 Hz
  • Supports non-acoustic signals with units other than pascals
  • Captures current spectrum for later review