Got pink noise? SignalSuite adds precision signal generator capabilities to your iPhone or iPod touch. SignalSuite’s three advanced, audio-band signal generators produce various types of periodic signals, broadband noise, and frequency sweeps.

  • Generate familiar periodic signals, including sinusoids, rectangular waveforms, triangle waves, and sawtooth waves.
  • Generate two periodic signals simultaneously, with an arbitrary phase difference between them.
  • Generate three different types of white noise and pink noise.
  • Generate linear or logarithmic frequency sweeps.
  • SignalSuite remembers your signal generator configurations between launches.
  • Pan controls allow different signals to be sent to the left and right output channels when working with the stereo headphone jack or line out.
  • All three signal generators can be operated simultaneously.
September 24, 2008
What's new in SignalSuite 1.2?
SignalSuite now contains an options tab. The options tab contains the following:

  • A slider for adjusting the device volume. This is particularly handy on 1st generation iPod touches, which do not have external volume buttons.
  • A control for choosing between % and dB amplitude levels.
  • A control for choosing between linear and shelf panning behaviors.
  • Switches for inverting the polarity of either or both output channels.