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Project Management: Add multiple other tools to the MultiTool, as subtools, and see and operate them simultaneously. Keep all individual settings for each subtool in a custom configuration, create as many configurations as you like, and recall any configuration just by selecting it from a list. Any configuration can also be exported to a file that can be shared with another device (shared configurations do not include any files loaded or referenced by subtools).
  • Subtool Limits
    • 1 tool of each kind may be added as a subtool (excluding the MultiTool, itself)
    • iPhone: Up to 2 subtools
    • iPad: Up to 4 subtools, or 6 for iPads with a 10.5-inch, or larger, screen
    • Mac: Up to 6 subtools
  • Subtool Stacking: Vertical, Horizontal
  • Data Export
    • Each subtool will export its compatible data according to the selected option (e.g. data, audio, PDF image)
  • Data Import
    • Data can be imported by each subtool that supports it
  • Specifications Subject to Change
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