Max Sound Level Monitoring Tool
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Max Levels

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Built for Standardized Measurement: The Max Levels tool employs real-time Order 3 digital Butterworth bandpass filters, in whole octave frequency bands, designed with standard filter characteristics defined by ANSI S1.11 and IEC 61260. And, it applies standard sound level metrics, including time and frequency weighting, defined by ANSI S1.4 and IEC 61672 standards for sound level meters.
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Traffic Light Display: Easily see whether your custom sound level limits have been exceeded or are close to it. Green, yellow, and red indicators show the current signal level as well as its maximum value since the start of the current measurement, simultaneously, for 2 sets of thresholds defined in individual octave frequency bands.
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Save Data: Export spectrum magnitude values and metadata to a data file (.csv, .mat, or .txt). Or, generate a high-resolution image of the graph and save it to a PDF file.
  • Input: 1 channel at a time, selected from any available input, output, or virtual output channels
  • Filter Type: Order 3 Butterworth digital bandpass
  • Bandwidth: Whole octave
  • Supported Sample Rates (samples/second): 44100, 48000, 88200, 96000, 176400, 192000
  • Nominal Band Center Frequencies (Hz)
    • Whole Octave: 31.5, 63, 125, 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 4000, 8000, 16000
  • Sound Level Type:
    • Time-exponential-weighted Sound Level (Lp)
    • Equivalent Sound Level (Leq)
  • Frequency Weighting: Z (zero, or no weighting), A, C
  • Sound Level Time Weighting: Fast, Slow, Impulse
  • Frequency Range A/B
    • Label: User-defined, displayed above level indicator
    • Type: Overall, Octaves
  • Overall Sound Level Limits: User-defined
  • Individual Octave Band Sound Level Limits: User-defined
  • Automatic Stop: Enable/Disable
    • Duration: 0.1 seconds up to 14 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes, 59.9 seconds
  • Indicator Type: Max, Current, Both
  • Auxiliary Display
    • Overall
    • Octave
      • Vertical divisions: 10
      • Autoscale: Auto
      • Vertical Axis: dB
      • Frequency Units: Hz
      • Show Secondary Level: Always
      • Secondary Level Type: Max
      • Draw Div Lines: Always
  • Show Clipping Indicator: Enable/Disable
  • Clear Indicators When Stopped: Enable/Disable
  • Data Export
    • Data File Format: CSV, MAT, TXT
    • Image: PDF
    • Optionally include current location in exported data files.
  • Max Level Limits Export
    • User-defined .mxlim file name
  • Max Level Limits Export
    • User-selected .mxlim file (generated by SignalScope or SoundMeter)
  • Specifications Subject to Change
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