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SignalScope Pro / using signalscope in car audio installations?
« on: August 15, 2006, 12:37:50 AM »
I have been reading up a lot on car audio, and i hear a lot of professionals use RTA's to get a flat response in order to get good sound quality in their car...

I am interested in doing the same, but was wondering is it possible to do this with signalscope and using my powerbook's built in microphone to analyze sound?

If not, what is a good accurate microphone to use for this type of work? and do i need any extra equipment to plug that mic into my powerbook or does it directly hook up to my line-in?

Most people told me that in order to get good sound quality in your vehicle, is to get a pink noise stereo and play it on your car's headunit, and then using an RTA to view the graph to see where the dips are... and then adjust the eq/crossover/etc on your headunit to make up for those dips in the frequency graph in order to get as much of a flat response as possible. Is this correct?

Will this only work with signalscope or do i need the pro version? I'm kind of new to this RTA, stuff and would really like to learn how to use this properly in order to achieve the best possible sound i can get in my vehicle....

Would appreciate the advice on what i need to get to do this...

I been looking for a long time for an RTA type of application for mac os x, and ran across a few... not sure which one is the best/most accurate for what I want to do.

Thanks in advance!

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