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Ben,  thanks for your response.  At first I could not reconcile your first paragraph as the application would not select mic input with signal generator going out the headset jack.  However, I tried sliding the stereo (tip/ring/sleeve) connector out a fraction of an inch and behold, the expected behavior manifested itself.  Just what I needed.  Must be something shorting if the connector is not seated exactly right.  Thanks again.  Kent

Ok, I'm confused.  Using a iPhone 3gs I want to send signal generator out and use the built-in mic with the octave analyzer simultaneously.  If I use a standard doc output or the earphone output, the signal is routed directly back in to the corresponding input.  To equalize speaker system, I need to be able to output pink noise while using the analyzers simultaneously.  Is this possilble?  Maybe with the Alesis ProTrack?  Thanks in advance!

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