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SoundMeter / A few suggestions
« on: August 20, 2008, 06:32:29 PM »

GREAT job on the apps.  Really well done.

I'm from the precision SLM/mic industry (a sister company of ours is about 10 miles from you!) and just had a few suggestions:

It'd be great in SoundMeter to be able to switch on the fly between Flat, A- and C-weighted Leq values.  If you aren't simultaenously storing all running weighted Leq values (which could be done, with some work), consider just doing a reset and starting over at time 0 with a new calculation.

Adding the ability to measure dose parameters would be awesome (exchange rates included).  The headset is well suited to a dose-type measurement.

I know you've mentioned calibration etc., but how are you coupling either the built-in or headset mic to a sound source to minimize error?  Can you include a picture or something to show how you compared it with a Type 1 meter?

Other than that, I will continue to play around with the apps and continue suggesting things!!


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