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Hi everyone,

I wrote a review of the DJ-Tech REC_iN device. I haven't seen any rules saying external links aren't  allowed in this forum, so here it is:
I hope someone finds this useful.


Thanks for your response Ben.

That may indeed be the explanation. I'll do some tests on the unit anyway and report back.


Hi Ben,

I've discovered an affordable dock solution for the ipod / iphone that has line in and line out facilities : the Djtech rec-in. I've tested this and both the iphone 3GS and the ipod touch 2G are happy to play music through the line out, and record voice memos via the line in.
However, signalscope pro won't recognise it as a line output device. When you plug it in, it briefly appears as "dock output" in the signal generator before changing to "receiver" (iphone) or "speaker" (ipod).
Do you know why this isn't being recognised? I have ensured that "prefer speaker output" is off.


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