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SoundMeter / Development Suggestions
« on: August 20, 2008, 01:18:33 AM »
Hi, I just bought the trio of applications for the iPhone, and I'm quite pleased so far.  A couple of design things for SoundMeter:
First, calibration needs to be hidden further (I'd suggest at least two finger pokes before it changes parameters).  It's far too easy to hit that big calibration button, and by then it's too late, parameters are already changed.  Uninstalling and reinstalling to get back to default is a bad work around.  I'm not going to want to calibrate this very frequently.  I want to calibrate once every few months, so hiding the calibration tool a little would be far better for me.  I've only had the application two days and I've accidentally hit calibrate twice.  At the very least, make an "options page" or "tools menu" with "calibration" and "restore factory mic defaults" as options.
Second, I do live sound for outdoor concerts where the all important decibel limit is defined as "A weighted (dBA), averaged over one minute".  This means I can peak above the limit momentarily as long as the one minute average stays under the limit.  What would be very helpful to me is to have an option in the Leq mode to either refresh/restart the average every minute on the minute, or to set the average time frame (in this case at one minute) and have the average reflect the real-time previous minute average (continually rolling in that defined time frame).
What a fine tool that would be for me!
In any case, I'm happy with the products so far, keep up the good work, and thanks for the feedback opportunity.

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