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SignalScope / Using SignalSuite and SignalScope at the same time
« on: July 30, 2008, 06:33:38 AM »
Hi. New to this board, and to the iPhone and the Signal applications... which I have to say are awesome. I'm not very technical but I love tinkering with sound and I've already had my money's worth, so my thanks to the developers; the apps are truly excellent work.

The question I have is... is it possible to keep SignalSuite generating and then switch to SignalScope? The obvious reason for wanting to do this is to be able to play pink noise out of the headphone socket through my speakers, and pick it up again via the iPhone's mic and take a look using SignalScope. Of course, when you click the iPhone's big button to enable you to switch to another app, it closes down the current one, and so the pink noise stops.

I'm guessing there's no easy way to do this, or it would have been done, but does anyone have any thoughts on it? Is it possible it may make a future version?

Also, do we have an expected release date for the version of SignalScope that will provide spectrogram features?

Many thanks.


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