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SignalScope Pro / Polarity Check with Pulses
« on: April 13, 2009, 05:50:11 PM »
What is the best tool/method to check polarity with SSP for car audio systems.
I have a dbx mic and MTX USB. mic mate to connect to my Macbook Pro.
Track 23  of the Autosound 2000 My Disc #103 CD contains polarity pulses. Each group of three positive pulses is followed by a single negative pulse. The sequence is repeated for one minute. The fourth pulse of each group must show opposite polarity in order for the reading to be considered as valid.
The pulses would be played through the CD player of my head unit, to amplifiers,to speakers. 
I can isolate each speaker, by muting all others, through the sound processor.
The Autosound 2000 manual says to use a polarity checking device.


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