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Thanks, Ben!  I re-installed it tonight, seems to be working fine. :-D  From someone used to old Tektronix & HP scopes, this is an INCREDIBLE little app! 8-)  (Now I have to conjure up a probe for it!) :-D  Tom

I was able to download SignalScope  to my 16 GB iPhone 3G last night; showed it off at work today (work for a large tech equipment manufacturer), wowed  :-o more than a few people with it. :-)

Unfortunately, I ran into some issues with it tonight. :-(

Started to notice what seemed like "instability" in the iPhone's operation; tonight, when I tried syncing it, the iPhone kept timing out during the sync.  In the process, SignalScope appears to have been gotten corrupted, & now will not operate AT ALL. :cry:  The Icon is still there, but when activated, it will come on for about a second, then jump back out.  The process appears to have corrupted an additional app (fortunately a FREE one) as well.  How can I go about restoring SignalScope :?  (I REALLY liked it!). :-)              Tom

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