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  On an older iPhone (not 3G)

1) Setup SignalScope for audio device = Audio input, (Play Through is off)
2) Tap home button to goto iPhone home
3) Plug in headset (normal w/ no mic)
4) Tap SignalScope to start Application
5) Application comes up with "nan" as tick values on the time scale.  Also, on "Input Channels" I see a blank screen with nothing listed.

This happens with two different sets of headphones (one from Apple, one from Bose)

Hope this helps.

P.S.  Thanks for the advice about normal mode triggering.  Any rough idea when longer timescales might be available?  :-)

I'm not an audio type but a EE trying to use the iPhone for quick and dirty instrumentation and demos.  It seems like a very handy tool for this kind of application.

Specifically for my case, I'm trying to see a pulse train that repeats every 1.3 seconds or so from some equipment.  But I'm having trouble manipulating the time axis in the waveform view, the longest I can get is about 200 ms.  What is the longest that it can be set to?  Could I convince you to increase it  :-) I don't mind seeing fewer samples.

Also a roll mode (signal slides from left to right as time passes) would be really cool looking on the iPhone.  Just a suggestion.

P.S. I'm seeing issues with running SignalScope while headphones (w/o mic) are plugged in.  Lot's of "nan"s on the time scale (nan=Not A Number).  I'd guess its probably from a divide by zero somewhere in the application.

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