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SignalScope Pro / Re: using signalscope in car audio installations?
« on: November 11, 2006, 05:34:43 PM »
That answers my questions, thanks.

One last thing, I've found some condenser mic's with USB connections which make them very easy to use on the powerbook.  They are available with a cardioid reception pattern as well as an omnidirectional pattern.  Does that matter for the RTA application?

 The omnidirectional mic is almost twice the price (actually its a selectable pattern (cardiod and omni) whereas the cardiod pattern mic is only that.

SignalScope Pro / Re: using signalscope in car audio installations?
« on: November 11, 2006, 12:20:27 PM »
I'm gonna use SS pro for RTA and equalization of my car audio system.  Some questions though....

1.  It is recomended we use an external mic rather than the internal mic on the powerbook.  Is this simply due to the internal mics frequence response not being flat?  Or is there some other reason?

 When I was just doing some initial frequency scans, the obvious issue was the fan on the powerbook coming on and hence disturbing the RTA.

2.  I don't really understand the calibration issue. Will an external microphone need to be calibrated in some way?  If so, what is that procedure?  I read the above description, but I'm not completely clear.....

The way I understand it......Play a test disc with say a 1000 hz signal and measure the output with a seperate db meter and adjust volume  to say ......80 db.  Then using SS pro, calibrate the software to 80 db at 1000 hz. 

Is that right?


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