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SignalScope Pro / Complaint about Upgrade Price for SignalScope Pro
« on: June 09, 2009, 04:40:11 PM »
I am a happy owner of the SignalScope and SignalSuite apps, so when I heard today that Faber Acoustical had combined them into a new app, SignalScopePro, which also contained several sorely needed features like calibration and EU, I immediately inquired about upgrading my iPhone 3G.

The reply was

   "Unfortunately, Apple's policies for the iTunes App Store prevent us from offering special pricing for certain customers, like those who have already purchased SignalScope for iPhone. However, we do believe that those who need the features in SignalScope Pro, will find it to be a good value."

This means that if I were a new customer, SignalScopePro would cost $75,
but since I am upgrading to the new product, I have to pay a lot extra:

  SignalScope         $25 (already purchased, not needed after upgrade)
  SignalSuite           $10 (already purchased, not needed after upgrade)
  SignalScopePro $75 (new)
                               $110   i.e. in my case, I have to pay 47% extra

This doesn't seem right to me. Isn't there a creative way for Faber to not penalize existing customers (like me) who would like to upgrade?


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