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Topics - Frequency And Sulphur

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SignalScope / Real Time LPC?
« on: August 23, 2008, 06:39:07 PM »
I'm wondering, as a speech geek, whether it would be remotely possible to have realtime LPC analysis shown alongside (or in addition to) the spectrum view on SignalScope? 

I know LPC is a much different beast, but it'd be great if I could get such a thing.

Any chance that SignalScope for the iPhone will be getting a spectrogram display in addition to the FFT analyzer that seems to be on there?  Real-time would be nice, but more useful (to me) would be the ability to record a short segment and then draw a zoomable spectrogram?

This would be very useful for me, as it provides a somewhat more conventional way of looking at speech acoustics.

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