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SignalScope / use of external inputs
« on: June 22, 2009, 09:48:57 PM »
I have an application that I need to monitor a simple switch contact for closure and match that to the audio just before and just after the switch contact.  So,  I need to start the sampling then watch for an external signal. +5v / or ground on pin x for example.  When the external trigger fires I need to keep the audio for 1? sec before and 1? sec after the trigger.  There needs to be an audio pulse within 0.3? sec of the external trigger.  The operator needs to see the pulse to confirm the parts are good.  Of course we can do this with a simple DAQ system and a laptop - but . . . your system would be much more user friendly.  Anyway I would be interested if this would be something you might be willing to pursue.  Based on the laptop alternative it's not worth a ton to our company to have this but still worth something.

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