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SignalScope / Roll mode update and other feature requests
« on: March 27, 2009, 10:41:34 AM »
This feature request was made a while back. Any updates on this? It would be my most requested feature.

My second request would be to send a file (via email) of captured data. Ideally getting the data in and out of the program to view in the scopewould be a major feature.

Finally, being able to use other programs as sound sources - ipod functions, etc would be great, although this seems to be an operating system limitation (although many programs seem to be able to run concurrently with the ipod program). If I could generate a signal and store it, that would be a way around the operating system's limitation of not having programs run concurrently.

This is an exceptionally functional program and easily the most impressive program I've seen in the entire iphone store.


Thanks, Ben. I see now that I have 5 seconds max. Can I adjust the sweep size so that say 100 ms is the total time and get gapless sweeps (one after the other)?

A roll mode would be a fantastic addition and the ability to email a 'sweep's' data would be a major addition.

Interactive trigger levels would also be a big plus.

Also can you capture in scope mode and do a spectral analysis of the captured data?


I would be very interested in longer time intervals and a roll or chart recorder mode. I just downloaded the program. Most impressive. Recording the data for further analysis (and after post processing) being able to  playback the 'signal' into the scope  would be really useful.

Is there a brief instruction 'manual' or page reviewing the user interface? This would accelerate my learning curve for the ui (which is pretty intuitive).

I'd like to see the gui interface for the trigger level changed so that you can use a slider or wheel to adjust values, preferably while viewing the signal. A pretrigger interval would also be very useful. A trigger level 'band' would also be nice so that EITHER a positive or negative deflection of a set amplitude would trigger a sweep. Incorporating signal averaging into the scope portion would also be nice.

Being able to use audio files and incorporating the signal generator program and this scope program as one app would be great. As a minimum, a  'cal' signal of say a 1 kHz sine or square wave as input would be a real plus.

Ben, if you are interested, I would be glad to 'beta test' prerelease versions. I've used scopes for years.

I'm really quite amazed at what you've done.


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