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Title: "accumulate signals" function available ?
Post by: noviski on February 23, 2007, 11:22:02 PM
I was ready to buy the software SignalScope Pro, so i have downloaded the demo version and started already.
Now i have got a question, is it possible to accumulate the two input signals ? On a K.O i have this function and some "Windows" (what an ugly wort  :evil: ) software do have this function also (CH1+CH2).
Where is this function in SignalScope/Pro ? It has nothing do to with the Display property "both", it meens that the signals are accumulated.
Please let me know if such function is available or possible to implement, otherwise i cannot use this software.

Thanks a lot for help
Title: Re: "accumulate signals" function available ?
Post by: FaberAST on February 24, 2007, 04:20:37 AM

SignalScope/Pro does not have any built-in option to sum the two input signals, although this could be accomplished with a separate hardware or software mixer (like Apple's free, but excellent, AU Lab).

We'll certainly consider adding a summation option to a future version.