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Title: Dual Speakers
Post by: jlefevre1 on December 01, 2010, 11:40:07 AM
It would be real nice to have a way on the ipad app to have 2 identical speakers in one box and also have 2 identical vents.  Simple check boxes with number of drivers and number of vents. It is very common to design large bass reflex subwoofer with multiple drivers.  2  12 inch drivers is the same piston area as 1  18 inch.  The 12 inch drivers have better transient response because of the lower cone mass to move however. And then you can use a stereo amp, one channel driving each speaker.  Single voice coil 12 inch drivers also have a much greater selection than a dual voice coil 18 inch.

It would also be nice to have this program and some of your others for the Macintosh platform.
Title: Re: Dual Speakers
Post by: Colin Edwards on September 21, 2017, 02:54:59 PM
I also requested a multiple-driver option for Speaker Draft app shortly after purchasing it, however, I found a simple way around the problem, which I believe gives accurate results. 

1. Select a preset driver from the list or insert TS values for a new one you intend to use.   

2. Estimate the dimensions for the cabinet you want and Calculate volume and reflex port dimensions for just one driver.

3. Double the volume of the enclosure, and this should be suitable for two identical drivers and two identical reflex tubes. 

If my design does not work out well or sound as it should I will post again to say so.