SignalScope Feature Comparison - Acoustics And Audio For Mac And iOS
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SignalScope Product Comparison

Basic, Advanced, and Professional features and tools are found in SignalScope X's Basic, Advanced, and Pro Tool Set subscriptions, respectively. Perpetual license versions of SignalScope correspond to each of the 3 subscriptions tiers: SignalScope Basic 2022, SignalScope Advanced 2022, and SignalScope Pro 2022.
Multi-channel Input
Multi-channel Output
Engineering Units of
USB Audio Class
Hardware Support
Sensitivity Calibration
Auto Calibration with
Select Hardware Devices
Built-in Nominal Acoustic
Sensitivity for iOS Devices
Supports Sample Rates
up to 768 kHz
Input Frequency Response
Compensation (FRC)
Save Data to CSV, TXT,
or MAT Files
Save Time Data to AIF,
CAF, or WAV Files
Save Plots in High
Resolution PDF Files
Save User Defined
Custom Metadata
Percentile Exceeded
Sound Levels (Lx)
Voltage Decibel Levels
in dBV or dBu
Captured Measurement
Averaging in Select Tools
Data Logging
in Select Tools
NC, RNC, NR Reference
Curves & Values
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